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HAMPTON New Large Scale Design by PlanTub NZ 2019

HAMPTON square planter with cross detail

HAMPTON – New timeless planter handcrafted to the highest standards that PlanTub has built our reputation on over the last 20 years.  Hampton is a substantial product using large scale posts and frame suitable for commercial and residential use as per Hampton product specifications.

Handmade to order using only the highest quality materials.  High-grade Macrocarpa ‘clears’ are used meaning unsightly knots cannot be seen as may be seen when inferior materials are used such as pine.  And, Macrocarpa is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage making them last much longer than other mass produced alternatives.  Crafted here in New Zealand using traditional cabinetmaking techniques using mortise and tenon joints and pinned with stainless steel hardware, so no assembly or nasty rivets, bolts, or screws in sight. As with all PlanTub planters, the interior is coated with a food grade sealer meaning you can safely use to plant edibles as well as topiary, trees and shrubs.

Check out our new HAMPTON product page for more info including measurements and specification.


PlanTub Coast Planters in Your Home and Garden May 2018 Issue

PlanTub NZ Coast Handmade Wooden Planters are featured in the current May 2018 issue of Your Home and Garden magazine.   Be sure to grab your copy of Your Home and Garden today.


PlanTub NZ Handcrafted Wooden Planters Your Home and Garden Magazine NZ May 2018 Issue

PlanTub NZ Coast Planters are made from high quality hand selected NZ macrocarpa which is naturally resistant to damp, rot and insects.  Handcrafted construction using traditional cabinetmaking joinery techniques is used meaning they will outlast inexpensive imitations.  All PlanTub planters are professionally finished in standard or custom paint colours or natural stain.  The insides are coated with waterproof membrane for extra durability allowing planting directly into the boxes.

You won’t have to re-paint them for years and with a natural stain finish, they actually improve in appearance over time building up a rich patina and timeless look.  PlanTub NZ wood planters will stand the test of time and is worth the investment when you think of the cost of having to replace cheaper alternatives.

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